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There are no more excuses for video not to be part of your content strategy

You don’t need to say it. I’ve heard it plenty of times: “I know I need to incorporate video into my digital marketing strategy, I just don’t know where to start”. With all of the tools, apps and resources available now there are no more excuses for video not to be part of your content strategy. It’s time to do something about that and this post is especially to help you.

There are no more excuses for video not to be part of your content strategy


A recent report from Ooyala suggests that online video consumption on mobile devices doubled in the last twelve months. Technology and the devices we use are constantly developing. As a result our digital media consumption habits are evolving. Video needs to be part of your content strategy, but I think you already know that.

This post is to give you some ideas about how to obtain, produce, publish and promote your new video content. But before we go any further though, let’s get one thing out of the way. You need a plan, a strategy or at least some achievable goals. How else will you be able to measure the success of your videos?

So here are some ideas to create your video content:

Your Digital Camera or Smartphone camera app

Let’s start with the basics. You probably have the ability to capture video on your camera or native Smartphone app. Hey it’s better than nothing (when planned and shot well) and will do the job for a simple ‘HOW TO’ video or interview.


Last week I wrote about using Google+ Hangouts for business. It’s available as an app for Smartphone’s and tablets and can be used on any computer or notebook with a camera and microphone. Creating video content has never been easier.


Twitters quirky video app just rolled out quite a decent update. Vine videos are short, so they make perfect content snack material for today’s busy media consumer. You can even publish Vine video straight from the app to your Twitter feed or (private) Facebook timeline. It is available for both Android and iPhone.


The new video feature Instagram recently rolled out serves as a simple, mini video production suite. Also available for Android or iPhone Instagram can now be used to produce short, editable videos to market your business.

These will all serve as easy to use ways to create video content. Next you will need to edit/ produce, publish and promote your videos online. Here are some links to help you take the next step:

Creating an Online Video Strategy

I mentioned earlier that it is important to have a video content strategy. This post by Kate Matsudaira from a few years ago covers how to get your video onto your website, hosting and sharing options and even how to optimize your video for search.

HOW TO: Produce ‘How To’ Videos

The ‘How To’ video genre is one of the most popular types of videos people search for on YouTube. This tutorial by Ian Cleary steps you through how you can share your expertise with the world.

Camtasia – Video Editing Software

This is the screen recording and video editing software that I use now. It’s very easy to use and even has built in video tutorials. With this software you can easily convert a PowerPoint presentation into a video.

iMovie by Apple

You can produce really professional results using this app on your iPhone or iPad (iPhone 4 or higher). You can even publish it directly to YouTube once you have rendered your finished video. You can enjoy one that my mate Brad and I made just for fun if you CLICK HERE.

Top 10 Video Sharing Websites – Reviews

There are so many sites you can publish your video on. Depending on your target audience and what type of video it is, you will find a site here with reviews and ratings.

Video Marketing eBook from HubSpot

HubSpot have put together an eBook to help you with camera techniques, video ideas and how to promote your video and generate leads.


Now there are no more excuses for video not to be part of your content strategy. Even if you don’t have time to produce your own videos, or have found a video you’d like to use, another idea is to embed published video content like I did on this recent post I wrote for SteamFeed. I was going to make a ‘How To’ video to show you how to do that until I searched on YouTube for: “how to embed video on a website”. There really is no need for me to make another one just now.

OK, it’s time to get started. Remember Mark Twain’s famous quote: The secret of getting ahead is getting started. If you would like me to share more than a dozen online video ideas and helpful tips with you, please either CLICK HERE or post a comment below. If you have found this post helpful or think someone you know might please consider sharing it. Thanks for reading and sharing. I’m looking forward to seeing you back here next week.

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Here is an Infographic about why video is vital:

Online Video Content Strategy


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    If you can make a video of something that can be explained much better than content, then video marketing can be a fantastic way to promote your business.

    For example, a video on how to make rice would serve much better and has a likelihood for getting more viral than a post that details the same because an action here helps the user to understand better.

    Love this article Matt. Thanks a lot :)


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      Thanks for the feedback. So glad you loved it.


  • Ian Cleary


    Hey Matt,
    Thanks for linking to me! You’re right, it’s hard to ignore video! Ian


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